Fyoyo Psilocybin Company

Fyoyo is a bleeding edge Psilocybin Company. We develop and manufacture premium quality Psilocybin products:

Pure Liquid Psilocybin

A potent Psilocybin Extract in liquid form. Medical grade Psilocybin for many uses including microdosing, treatment for PTSD, Anxiety, Depression and many others.

Pure Psilocybin Pills

These powder Psilocybin pills are strictly manufactured for purity. When you need an accurate dose of Psilocybin for medical use or for research purposes, our quality is top notch.

How to Buy Our Psilocybin Products Online

The Fyoyo Psilocybin Company manufactures Psilocybin Products, but you cannot buy our products directly from us, you must buy from our authorized reseller BC Seeds.